• TNR

Feral Angels works closely with the clinic at the Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey in Voorhees, New Jersey for its veterinary services in connection with our TNR program.  Feral Angels will travel to the colony site, trap the cats, transport them to the AWA clinic for spaying/neutering, then foster them during their recovery.  Once recovered, the cats will be returned to the original trapping site and released.  The clinic at AWA usually allows only 2 feral cats per person at a time, but on occasion will allow more depending on space availability.

The clinic at AWA currently charges $35 per spay/neuter of feral cats.  This includes the spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and ear tip, all of which are required.  Feral Angels charges $10 per cat in addition to the AWA's clinic fee to cover the cost of time and travel, as well as supplies such as food, water and cat litter needed during recovery.

The clinic at AWA occasionally runs specials which may reduce or waive the clinic's fees.  Feral Angels honors those discounts and/or waivers.  Please check the AWA website or contact AWA to inquire about any currently-running specials or grants.

  • Other Veterinary Services

Other low-cost veterinary services are available at the clinic at AWA such as additional vaccines, testing, preventatives, prescription/speciality supplies and euthenasia and/or cremation.  All prices for these additional services are subject to change, so we suggest checking the AWA website for the most current prices.  Feral Angels will provide transporation of pets and ferals to and from AWA to obtain these services through our TNR or Pet Taxi service.



  • Trapping Only

Our trapping only services are generally for the purposes of (but not limited to) catching a stray cat, an injured cat, a pregnant cat or feral kittens for socialization.  Feral Angels will be responsible for the TRAPPING ONLY, and it is understood that no other services will be provided.  Any animals trapped will be transferred from our trap into an appropriate carrier or containment supplied by the client.

  • Trapping Pregnant Female Cats

Trapping of pregnant female cats will be done ONLY if there is an arrangement made for proper fostering and eventual spaying/neutering of the mother and kittens after birth.  Feral Angels is facilitated to foster both stray and feral Queens along with their kittens, pending availability, and will do so conditioned ONLY on the understanding that the mother and kittens will be surrendered to the Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey ("AWA") for spaying/neutering and adoption at the appropriate time.  If the mother is feral, she will be spayed and returned to the location of capture.  If space for fostering is not available at the Feral Angels facility, inquiry may be made at AWA, or another no-kill shelter, for available foster homes.

  • Trapping Other Animals

Feral Angels and its volunteers are authorized and experienced to trap stray and feral cats only, and are NOT facilitated or licensed to trap any other animal.



  • Primary Fostering

Our fostering facility is utilized first and foremost for the recuperation and fostering of injured animals and/or fostering of pregnant feral cats and their kittens.  All foster care provided at the Feral Angels facility is done under the guidelines of our local shelters and their corresponding veterinary professionals.  Injured animals receive the appropriate medical attention and care and are assessed and/or socialized for adoption.

When we trap a female feral cat who we believe to be pregnant, we immediately notify our local shelters and the kittens will be in line for adoption through one of the shelters.  The pregnant queen will be placed in our fostering facility where she will give birth and care for her kittens until it is time to wean them to solid foods.  The queen and kittens will be closely monitored for any health issues.  It is our goal to gain the trust of the queen, so that she will be more likely to allow us to start socialization of her kittens to human touch.  Socialization of the kittens begins from day 1 with the petting and handling of them.

Once the kittens are weaned, they will be separated from the queen and moved into a household setting for more advanced socialization.  Once the kittens meet the required age and weight (usually 8-10 weeks old and at least 2 pounds), they will be turned over to the shelter for spaying/neutering, vaccinating and placed for adoption.

The queen will be held in our fostering facility for 2 additional weeks to allow for the drying of the mammery glands, and then placed back into a trap and taken for spaying.  Once fully recovered, the queen will be returned to the place where trapped.

  • Secondary Fostering

When we are not fostering an injured animal or pregnant queen and her kittens, we will accept other fosters on a secondary basis, usually from a local shelter or rescue.  Feral Angels works closely with all of our community shelters and rescues to ensure that each and every foster is provided for in a comfortable home environment, is spayed/neutered and provided with the ultimate in veterinary care until such time as the foster is ready for adoption.  At that time, the foster is placed on display at the shelter, or is taken to adoption events for optimum exposure. 

We are experienced in, and are facilitated to, care for cats and kittens.